Foods That Are Good For The Brain

We presently live in a society where most people are focused on maintaining their bodies. People exercise regularly and eat right to make sure their bodies look great. And so that their bodies will also function properly. But, in the same manner that it is important to eat healthy for your body, you also have to do so for your brain. Eating the right foods will lead to a healthier brain. There are many foods which are great for your brain functions. They will increase your brainpower and keep your mental health in top shape. The foods that are good for the brain, are very important to know. As we get older, our bodies ages as well. That means our brains need boosters and stimulants, just as our bodies do. The following foods below, will help you have healthier brains.

Nuts And Seeds –

Research has already proven that vitamin E acts as a cognitive booster. Since seeds and nuts contain a great deal of vitamin E, they are good for you and your brain. Eating almonds, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, tahini and sesame seeds, are all good sources of vitamin E. You can also eat peanut butter or almond butter.

Blueberries –

Several studies carried out by Tufs University in the U.S. seem to prove that eating blueberries is a wise choice. They improve short term memory loss or delay it. In addition, blueberries protect the brain from stress caused by oxidative. And they help decrease the age-related effects of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Wholegrains –

Just like your body, the brain needs energy to work with. Having a steady source of energy going to the brain, will let you focus and concentrate better. We can obtain that through wholegrain. Glucose can be compared as the blood in our brains. Wholegrain foods are good for your brain because they release glucose into your bloodstream. Pasta, wholegrain cereal, rice and granary bread are excellent choices. Plus, wholegrains vastly reduce a person’s risks to heart disease.

Broccoli –

Mom was right when she tried to get you to eat your vegetables such as broccoli. They have a ton of vitamin K. This is a great source for improving brainpower and our cognitive functions. In order for our nervous system to work correctly, we need acetylcholine. Broccoli is high in glucosinolates which helps slow down the breakdown of it.

Fish –

Our bodies need fatty acids (EFAs). Unfortunately, it cannot produce it on its own. Eating fish, is a great way to deliver DHA and EPA omega-3 fats. These are found in many oily fish. Since the fats found on oily fish are ready-made, the human body can use it easily. They help with memory loss, stress and other vital brain functions.

Avocados –

Although avocados are a fatty fruit, they help lower our blood pressure. Having low blood pressure is a great way to promote a healthier brain. They also increase our blood flow which is essential for our overall health.

Brain Power Supplements –

There are several supplements on the market which are very good for boosting your brain power. These supplements contain even more ingredients than some foods which are good for the brain.

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